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COVID-19 Containment -Education is key to preventing the spread of COVID-19. DrOwl strives to stop the spread of the virus by educating entire communities and equipping health professionals with the tools they need to efficiently care for patients.

Coronavirus Monitoring & Screening -DrOwl’s prescreening measures can help detect COVID-19 cases early on and prevent any at-risk persons from entering a nursing home facility or other places with a concentrated population of immunocompromised individuals.

Coronavirus Quarantine -Receive the ongoing support and medical attention you need during self-quarantine for COVID-19 via the DrOwl app, an innovative telemedicine app.

Quarantine Geofencing -DrOwl’s geofencing technology allows local authorities and the CDC to keep track of those who were either exposed to or diagnosed with COVID-19 and ensure they are following self-quarantine measures. Learn more.

Easy Access Medical Records -When you have easy access to your health records, you’re more empowered to make the right decisions. Visit for improved access to your personal records.

How DrOwl Works – is an innovative healthcare app that allows convenient access to your medical history. Here’s how it works and what it can do for you.

DrOwl Technologies Services – Enjoy easy access to your medical records at You can also get answers to specific medical questions and share information as you see fit. Download the app today.

Telemedicine Application for Coronavirus – Telemedicine provides remote access to doctors and nurses who can evaluate symptoms and make recommendations. DrOwl is a platform that provides numerous telemedical options to patients affected by the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Solutions – DrOwl helps individuals as well as nursing home mitigate the very serious risks associated with a COVID-19 infection. Contact us today for more information.

Coronavirus Knowledge – DrOwl can help manage and treat patients suspected to have COVID-19. Here are some basics about the virus and how technology can help.

Telemedicine Solutions COVID-19 – Patients affected by the coronavirus in quarantine can have challenges when accessing medical care. DrOwl provides remote telemedicine solutions to ensure proper care is available to those who need it.

Telemedicine Strategies – DrOwl provides numerous effective telemedicine strategies to help patients, their families, and healthcare officials navigate the coronavirus.

Protocols for Schools – Schools must know how to properly respond to COVID-19 to protect students and prevent spread of the illness to others. The DrOwl app can help schools and other institutions remain protected.

Protocols for Nursing Homes – Residents of nursing homes face the greatest risk during the COVID-19 outbreak. DrOwl lends to support to these facilities by controlling the spread of illness and providing essential patient care.

Protocols for Government Agencies – The DrOwl telemedicine app supports state and federal government agencies in the fight against COVID-19. Contact us today for more information.

Training – DrOwl provides comprehensive training to staff members in schools and assisted living facilities dealing with the threat of COVID-19.

Training Certification – DrOwl training courses inform staff of schools and nursing facilities, and even provides a certificate of completion that can be sent to the authorities.

COVID-19 Self-Screening and Monitoring Tool – DrOwl offers a free screening and monitoring tool to protect your business, school, or medical facility. Contact us today to learn more about our screening app and how it can benefit you.

Big Benefits From The DrOwl App Screening Tool -The screening and monitoring app from DrOwl offers benefits to business owners, schools, healthcare facilities, individuals, and more. Contact us today to learn more.

Stay Safe From Coronavirus With This Screening And Monitoring App-Protect your staff, patients, and students from coronavirus with an innovative screening and monitoring app from DrOwl.

DrOwl Screening App To Help Detect Coronavirus Symptoms– The DrOwl electronic screening app helps people assess their symptoms and exposure risk before entering a building for work or school purposes.

COVID-19 Screening App – Keep Your Staff And Workplace Safe – Electronic screening and monitoring with the DrOwl app keeps your staff and workplace safe. Contact us today to learn more.

Workplace Self-Screening & Monitoring: Keep workers, customers, and guests safe at your business using the DrOwl screening app for workplaces.

COVID-19 Screening App for Schools: School administrators can look forward to easy screening and monitoring of COVID-19 with the DrOwl mobile application.

Symptom Screening App Can Help Your Medical Facility: CDC guidelines say symptom screening is crucial at healthcare facilities. Let the DrOwl app keep your staff and patients safe from the spread of coronavirus.

Digital Screening App for Coronavirus-Benefits: Our remote screening and monitoring app is an essential line of defense against the spread of coronavirus in schools, medical facilities, and businesses.

Healthcare Screening Apps Keep You Safe: Screening and monitoring prevents the spread of coronavirus. Here’s how our DrOwl app keeps you and others safe.

Cures Act | 21st Century Cures Act: The 21st Century Cures Act is expected to have a significant impact on patient access to medical records. Here’s what you can expect from your healthcare providers going forward.

Prepare Your Health Organization | 21st Century Cures Act: With mandatory compliance looming on the horizon, healthcare organizations must understand the 21st Century Cures Act and its requirements. Here are a few ways you can prepare.

Compliance Program & Training | 21st Century Cures Act: Healthcare organizations must be fully compliant with the 21st Century Cures Act while also ensuring they maintain the privacy and confidentiality standards set forth by HIPAA. Here are a few key facts to consider.

Health Record Access | 21st Century Cures Act: The Cures Act aims to provide patients easier access to their medical information and healthcare records. Here are a few things your providers must do to ensure they’re fully compliant with this new legislation.

Patient Safety | Link Between Medical Records & Patient Privacy: Providing the best possible care is the priority for all medical providers, while simultaneously protecting their privacy.

My Medical Records Search – Do you want to find a copy of your medical records from a specific provider or clinic? Search our directory for instructions on how to take control of your health.


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