Telemedicine Solutions for COVID-19

DrOwl offers assurance to individuals with the illness, health authorities, families, and caregivers by providing a smart, innovative way to track the virus, monitor patients, and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Regular Check-Ins With Quarantined Individuals

People in self-quarantine are naturally very concerned about their own well-being. Having access to trained physicians and other medical professionals can alleviate these concerns, while also ensuring the person is following directives afforded by the CDC. With the DrOwl app, patients have access to medical staff 24/7. They’ll also be subject to regular check-ins with healthcare workers, which keeps them updated on their status and provides peace of mind during the quarantine process.

Remote Training for Non-Medical Caregivers

Older people are more susceptible to the most serious effects of coronavirus, including organ failure and severe breathing issues. For non-medical caregivers working in assisted living facilities and other areas, knowledge of infectious disease training is probably limited. Through DrOwl, these individuals can be privy to remote training sessions conducted by skilled doctors and nurses with experience in infectious diseases. Proper training ensures both the caregiver and the person being cared for are able to remain safe and secure.

Video Conferencing With Physicians, Patients, & Others

When a patient is in quarantine, their family members will naturally want to be updated regarding symptoms and complications. That’s why DrOwl also offers three-way conferencing, so loved ones can be included in health updates provided by knowledgeable doctors. Video conferencing can also be conducted between patients, DrOwl physicians, and local health department authorities, who will afford even greater insight to the patient.

DrOwl Supports Patients Experiencing the Effects of COVID-19

DrOwl’s telemedicine solutions provide peace of mind to all those affected by the coronavirus outbreak, from people in self-quarantine to the families and loved ones of residents living in skilled nursing facilities. Feel free to contact us for more information about this app and how it works.