Telemedicine Strategies

Telemedicine offers the convenience of online symptom-checkers with the accuracy of a highly trained medical professional, all from the safety and convenience of your own home.

Remote Physiological Monitoring

When a patient is in quarantine, it can be difficult for them to access quality medical care. Most health clinics are unwilling or unable to make home visits, as this increases the risk that the illness will continue to spread. With the DrOwl app, patients receive remote physiological monitoring to track their symptoms and state of health. A patient’s temperature, pulse, and oxygen level can all be taken remotely by a nurse. If the need arises for more urgent care, the patient will be informed and can arrange for emergency medical assistance right away.

Patient Outreach

DrOwl has hundreds of skilled physicians and nurses on staff. Along with infectious disease specialists and general practitioners, patients can also access mental health assistance via therapists and counselors. Being in quarantine is extremely stressful, especially when subjected to a constant stream of news and information regarding recent developments linked to COVID-19. Knowing that medical care is just a click away is reassuring, but patients who are experiencing a great deal of stress regarding their conditions can also access a mental health professional when in need of assistance.

Three-Way Video Chats

Along with conferencing with DrOwl physicians directly, those afflicted with COVID-19 and in quarantine can also include loves ones in their chats. This provides a safe alternative to friends and family from visiting the person directly, which increases the odds that the virus will continue to be spread from person to person. It also allows family members to remain up to date on their loves one’s health status, which provides peace of mind.

We Can Be Your Guide During This Hectic Time

A little reassurance goes a long way when it comes to the coronavirus. DrOwl offers assurance to individuals with the illness, health authorities, families, and caregivers by providing a smart, innovative way to track the virus, monitor patients, and prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

If you’d like more information about our app and the other solutions it offers, please contact us today.