COVID-19 Employee Screening App

Business owners find themselves in a bind when it comes to coronavirus. While you don’t want to put your staff and their families at risk, you also know that shuttering your business will cause significant financial distress. In this case, you must continue to operate but take all the necessary precautions, including wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, and sanitizing your workplace on a frequent basis.

There is another step you can take to protect your employees during this challenging time. DrOwl provides free remote screening and monitoring via our easy-to-use app, which prevents at-risk individuals from entering your workplace. It also helps track down those who’ve been exposed should a positive test result occur.

How Our Healthcare Screening App Works

The app is easy to download and use by virtually anyone with a mobile device. Check-in can be tailored to businesses, schools, medical facilities, individuals, and more. Upon electronic check-in, workers and other visitors will be asked a series of questions intended to assess their symptoms and/or exposure to coronavirus. This creates an electronic log, which is stored for monitoring purposes. Pre-set questions are available, but you can also develop your own questions to better suit your business.

Why It’s Better to Screen and Monitor Electronically

While it’s true your business can screen and monitor employees and customers via paper documentation, this method has proven to be ineffective time and again. For example, you’ll need to assign screening duties to a member of your staff. You’ll also need to retain paper records in a way that renders them easy to access should a positive test result occur. The risk of error is high, in this case, especially if records are lost or misplaced. With electronic screening, each person coming into a building can take care of the screening process from the convenience of their own mobile device. Should it be necessary to access information, it can be retrieved from virtually any mobile device or computer, provided the user is authorized. This ease-of-use is crucial to ensure maximum accessibility, while also reducing the risk of human error.

Protecting Your Staff Is Our Top Priority

This is a challenging time for everyone, but it’s particularly difficult for business owners and their workers. With our DrOwl workplace screening app, you can safeguard workers against COVID-19 and provide them peace of mind during a trying time.

If you have questions about the app, how it works, and what features it offers, please contact us today to learn more.