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Your Medicare health records belong to you. Access the FREE DrOwl app for AMAC members to find out what your healthcare records say about you!

DrOwl is a HIPAA-compliant platform  ..

Improved Insights & Healthcare Solutions

When your entire medical team has access to the latest health information, you receive deeper insight into the state of your health, including conditions and disorders. You will also  ..

Effective Review of Medical Records by Providers

Primary care physicians and specialist can seamlessly coordinate to review a patient’s medical records. When all providers work from a central hub that features pertinent health information, patients can  ..

Efficient Medical Records Access for Patients

Instead of contacting your doctor’s office and waiting for records to be provided, you can conveniently access them from any mobile device. Questions about tests, medications, and diagnoses can  ..

Bringing You the Future of Healthcare Today

Electronic records storage is touted as the future of healthcare since it provides patients with more control over their health. However, it also benefits medical professionals greatly. The DrOwl  ..