Your health in your hands!

Download our app. Empower your health. Minimize medical errors. Easily import, transfer, and interpret your health records. DrOwl is the only app that does it all in one place.

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Your medical records should be as mobile as you are!

Our app provides instant access to your medical records, offers easy options for sharing, and is the only app harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to decode complicated medical language for effortless understanding of your medical health care needs.

  • Understand your health!

    When you sync your medical records with the free DrOwl app, your records are combined with AI & machine learning to create a Patient Portal in easy-to-understand language that is personalized to you.

  • Get Access. Reduce Jargon. Take Control.

    When you bring your medical records in the DrOwl secure app, you will have access to physician-curated, trusted, accurate information to better understand your health.

  • Maintain Accuracy in your Medical Records

    Some studies have shown that up to 70% of medical records can contain errors. DrOwl gives you the ability to review and find and correct errors in your healthcare records. In DrOwl, you can also delete inaccurate information and add information to your records.

  • Easily Share Your Records with Loved Ones or Caregivers

    You can share your DrOwl Patient Portal with providers, caregivers, and family members as needed. This makes it easy for your loved ones and caregivers to participate in your healthcare decisions.

  • Security and Control Over Your Health Information.

    DrOwl transforms your interaction with medical records. It empowers you to consolidate all health records seamlessly, providing a unified hub for your health journey. No more chasing paper files or using multiple apps—everything converges into one, creating a streamlined health management experience. We put your health records in trusted hands - yours!

    Your health in the power of your own hands. Period.

    In today’s information-driven world, DrOwl becomes your indispensable tool, offering you unparalleled control over your medical journey. Picture effortlessly managing, comprehending, and navigating your health records—all at your fingertips. With DrOwl, it’s not just a possibility; it’s a reality, thanks to cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology.

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