Using Interoperability and Metadata

to Improve Care and Reduce Costs

  • Provide aggregated, anonymized metadata sets with duplicates removed
  • Interoperability with most EHR systems requiring minimal integration resources from providers and payers
  • Analysis dashboard down to conditions and medications
  • Consumer patient portal for the delivery of EHRs to patients
  • Helps meet CURES Act requirements
  • Secure messaging to patients
  • Promote wellness campaigns
DrOwl Health Technologies can access over 7,000 EHR portals representing a patient population of 280MM Americans.

"DrOwl is disrupting the healthcare system, by providing previously unattainable metadata while simultaneously improving consumer access to health records. DrOwl’s platform is built on six issued patents and is easily implemented."

Custom Anonymized Data Sets

Query patients by condition, medication, gender, age band, state or race, including the ability to drill down by any of these data sets.

This revolutionizes medical data. Including the ability to:

  • Analyze the conditions and medications of the patient population that takes Lipitor (or any other medication).

  • Analyze the conditions and medications of the patient population that has type II diabetes (or any other specific condition).

Patient Portal

Provides patients with a comprehensive report on their conditions, medications and allergies. Helps meet CURES Act requirements.

DrOwl Medicaid and Medicare Information