One Health Record,
Infinite Uses

Empowering People
To Understand Their Health.

Your healthcare records belong to you and providers are required to make them available.

Access them for free
on DrOwl to better
understand your health.

  • Connect to 7,300+ medical providers & receive a combined health report summary.
  • Ability to find & correct errors in medical records.
  • Share medical records with caregivers, providers, and family.
  • Everyone needs a healthcare advocate whether you're one for yourself or for a family member.
  • Personalized patient portal and healthcare search engine.
  • Learn more about your health.

Using Interoperability and Metadata

To Improve Care and Reduce Costs

Interoperability with most EHR systems requiring minimal integration resources from providers and payers.
DrOwl Health Technologies can access over 7,000 EHR portals representing a patient population of 280MM Americans.

Allowing Providers to Harness The Power Of Al

Generate Population Health Metadata From Your Patient's Health Records.

  • Risk-stratify patients with comorbidities for preventative care and wellness campaigns.

  • Revolutionizes medical data, including the ability to query patients by condition, medication, and demographics, inside of a powerful analytics dashboard.

Helps meet Cures Act requirements, one portal for the delivery of EHRs to patients.

  • Helps reduce costs and improve efficiencies to help lead to better outcomes.
  • Combines and aggregates records, eliminates duplicates & is updated every 24-hours.
  • Secure 2-way messaging to patients or groups of patients.
  • Provider agnostic telemedicine platform.

Patient Portal

Provides patients with a comprehensive report on their conditions, medications and allergies. Helps meet CURES Act requirements.


The clinical services offered through the website and DrOwl application are provided by DrOwl medical group, PA, an independent, physician-owned medical group. For more information about the relationship between DrOwl health technologies,LLC and the DrOwl medical group,PA, click here