Patients - You have the right to your medical records. Download them today.

  • Securely access your records for free on DrOwl.
  • Learn what your medical records say about you.
  • Combine records from multiple sources into one easy-to-understand resource.

What you will get in the HIPAA-compliant DrOwl App

  1. A list of health conditions from your health records along with resources to help you understand each condition. These physician-curated resources help you skip the infinite searching online and get you straight to trusted, accurate information to better understand each condition.
  2. A list of your medications from your health records, including descriptions, important warnings, and details of their side effects. Plus, the ability to set medication reminders and save up to 80% off of your prescriptions.
  3. A list of your allergies.
  4. A “Patient Snapshot” that is a document that summarizes all of the information.
  5. The ability to search everything listed above.

Some Studies Have Shown That Up To 70% Of Medical Records Can Contain Errors That Impact Your Health.

  • DrOwl gives you the ability to review and find any errors in your medical records.
  • You can delete conditions, medications or allergies that are inaccurate.
  • You can also add medications and allergies to the list.

How it Works

DrOwl is an easy-to-use app where patients can access their personal medical records from anywhere at any time. To start understanding your health records:
  • Download and sign-up for the DrOwl app from the iOS store or the Google Play store.
  • Click “Access Records”.
  • Choose one of the thousands of medical providers, including the VA and Medicare, and login to get your records.
  • Learn more about your health.

Other features:

  • Get reminders to take your medications.
  • Add people who can view your records. Adding “caregivers” takes only a few clicks and allows any loved one, family member of provider to see your records.
  • Securely message caregivers and providers in a HIPAA compliant environment.

DrOwl Empowers You to Understand Your Health

  • Better understand what your medical records say about you.
  • Make more informed medical decisions.
  • Understand the inaccuracies in your records.
  • Be your own healthcare advocate.

One health record, infinite uses.