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  • Learn what your medical records say about you.
  • Combine records from multiple sources into one easy-to-understand resource.


How DrOwl Helps Providers

  • DrOwl helps providers meet the Cures Act requirements and comply with interoperability rules.
  • DrOwl’s patient portal increases patient satisfaction and retention.
  • DrOwl Patient Snapshot combines data from many health and EMR sources to give the provider a better understanding of the patient’s health including chronic conditions that need to be included on all billing.
  • DrOwl Data Dashboards help providers better understand their patient population.
  • DrOwl Telemedicine software allows providers to connect with patients using HIPAA-Compliant video.
  • Providers can communicate with patients in a HIPAA-Compliant two-way messaging environment.

DrOwl Helps Providers Comply with Cures Act and Interoperability Rules

  • The 21st Century Cures Act legislation could subject providers to civil monetary penalties for up to $1 million per violation for not providing records to patients in a timely manner.
  • DrOwl helps providers meet Cures Act requirements by facilitating patient access to their medical records.

DrOwl’s Patient Portal Increases Patient Satisfaction and Retention.

  • Patients are given a portal that includes physician-curated resources about their specific health conditions. This information help providers from having to combat misinformation online.
  • The patient portal also includes description of the each of the patient’s medications including: important warnings, and a list of side effects to better educate the patient.
  • This state-of-the-art portal increases patient satisfaction and retention.

DrOwl Patient Snapshot

  • DrOwl provides a Patient Snapshot to providers that contains a summary of the patient’s health. This Patient Snapshot provides an organized, easy-to-read summary of the patient.
  • DrOwl Patient Snapshot aggregates data from different EHR and health sources, including chronic conditions that need to be included on all billing. This helps give providers a better understanding of the patient’s health.
  • Understanding a new patient’s health, especially when the patient has a myriad of health issues is sometimes very difficult. Wading through volumes of EHRs is basically impossible. Patient intake forms alone are often insufficient information. DrOwl helps providers achieve better outcomes for patients by giving them a better understanding of a patient’s health.
  • DrOwl also allows the patient to make sure that the information provided in the patient snapshot is accurate, saving providers and their team valuable time and resources.

Data Dashboard to Help You Better Understand Your Patient Population

  • DrOwl offers anonymized patient metadata for providers, revolutionizing population health management.
  • Included is the ability to look at patients by condition, medication, and demographics, inside of a powerful analytics dashboard.
  • DrOwl creates anonymized data sets of patients with detailed information about patient’s conditions and medications regardless of the data source. This compilation of data sets is an essential tool that lets providers better understand their patients which in turn lowers costs and provides better outcomes.
    • Aggregates and de-duplicates EHR data for better data quality.
    • Integrates with systems such as Cerner, Epic, CMS and PointClickCare.
    • Population health data to identify comorbidities, additional risks and directly message groups of patients (by condition or medication).
    • Increase cost savings by lowering hospitalizations and re-admissions, and helping increase medication compliance and identifying wellness program opportunities.

Telemedicine, RPM Data and HIPAA-Compliant Messaging

  • DrOwl offers a state-of-the-art telemedicine solution for providers, with HIPAA-compliant video and the ability to include family members and caregivers on patient video consultation.
  • Access patient’s RPM data. DrOwl has connectivity to most Bluetooth enabled devices, including iHealth, Fitbit and Apple Watch. When patients connect to this data, it becomes available to providers through DrOwl.
  • Communicate and engage with patients. Providers can also communicate with patients in a HIPAA-Compliant two-way messaging environment.

DrOwl Empowers Providers

  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Save time and money.
  • Increase awareness of patient’s chronic conditions for better billing accuracy.
  • Provide better outcomes for your patients.