Compliance Program and Training

Compliance Program and Training

The process for accessing patient health records has undergone quite a few changes over recent years. While many medical providers ensure efficient access to health information to authorized people, the 21st Century Cures Act mandates specific rules and regulations regarding the process.  

Hospitals, healthcare clinics, and other medical organizations must ensure they are following the regulations set forth by the Cures Act. Additionally, they must ensure that patient confidentiality is upheld as mandated by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

What Is Information Blocking?

The concept of information blocking plays a significant role in compliance with Cures Act legislation. As the name suggests, information blocking is the process of restricting certain data from patients. This can include:
  • Creating IT systems that make the exchange of information overly complex or difficult
  • Restricting the transmission of complete data sets to patients when requested
  • Preventing access to authorized individuals in search of information they have a right to
There are also some exceptions to be aware of, which are instances where access to certain data may be restricted for a valid reason. This includes restricting information to prevent harm to another person, protecting an individual’s privacy, and ensuring optimum security of information.  Because situations can vary greatly, it’s crucial to understand what does and does not constitute information blocking.

How Can You Train Your Team to Ensure Compliance?

The Cures Act is complex, with many detailed sections listing the requirements of healthcare organizations and the rights of patients. It also affects many levels of healthcare organizations, from doctors and nurses to IT staff and legal departments.  

For such a comprehensive undertaking, your organization will most likely need assistance in getting acclimated. That’s where DrOwl and our innovative healthcare app come in. We understand the challenges facing hospitals and clinics around the nation, which is why we’ve developed our app to be fully compliant with Cures Act rules.  

We also understand the need to maintain HIPAA compliance, which is still an important factor in patient care. With our app, you can rest assured that information will only be accessible by those authorized to receive it.  It is also important to note that HIPAA does not apply to the patient themself.  They are free to share their records with anyone they desire and responsibility for privacy from the provider ends once the records are successfully transferred to the patient.

We’re happy to explain our process to you to get your organization up to speed on Cures Act compliance. If you have questions or just want more information before getting started, please contact us today.