Health Record Access

Health Record Access

The more involved a patient is in their own health and wellness, the better their healthcare outcome is expected to be. Along with making personal lifestyle choices, patients are encouraged to access their medical records to have a greater understanding. This includes information related to surgeries, medical treatments, medications, diagnoses, and all other relevant information.  

The 21st Century Cures Act was designed to promote efficient and comprehensive access to personal health information, which puts patients in a better position to be their own advocates. This legislation requires providers to offer data in a reasonable manner, while also safeguarding patient confidentiality when applicable. While that responsibility lies primarily with hospitals and clinics, patients must also understand their rights under the Cures Act.

Patients Have the Right to Easy Access of Health Information

While patients have had access to medical records for many years, the process for providing these records has often been complex and time-consuming. The Cures Act puts certain rules in place to require hospitals and medical clinics to provide requested information easily and in a timely manner. Records access must also be affordable if a fee is charged.

Patients Have the Right to Security and Privacy When It Comes to Their Records

While easy access is definitely important for patient autonomy, privacy must still be protected. While the Cures Act promotes the free flow of information to authorized individuals, including patients and medical staff, sensitive data must still be safeguarded from unauthorized parties. This requires providers to balance practices to remain compliant with both the Cures Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

Patients Have the Right to Compare Prices from Different Providers for Services

While cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor when it comes to medical care, it can be a very real concern for many people. Expensive treatments and therapies may fall outside of the budget for many families, even those with healthcare coverage. Accordingly, patients must be able to compare costs from different providers to choose the selection that best meets their needs. Use of a healthcare app can be beneficial as patients can easily access cost information from the convenience of their own homes.  

When it comes to accessing your personal medical records, DrOwl provides a secure and user-friendly experience. The DrOwl app stores a patient’s records in one convenient location. We provide information in language you can understand, curated by trusted physicians. We also take the proper security measures to prevent unauthorized access to medical information.

We understand that the Cures Act is complex, so we’re available to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us today for more information.