Patient Safety

Patient Safety

“First, do no harm” is an important tenet in the medical community. It means that doctors, nurses, and all other medical staff must put patient safety at the forefront of all treatments. If a treatment or therapy is thought to be harmful to the health of a patient, then the medical provider must find an alternate method of providing care.  

While the link between treatments and possible harm is easy to comprehend, many people are less aware of the possible harm caused by improper medical record keeping. There are a number of ways patients can be impacted by faulty medical records, from receiving incorrect diagnoses to being provided the wrong medication based on inaccuracies in their charts. The 21st Century Cures Act aims to uphold patient safety by improving the way records are accessed.

The Link Between Medical Records and Patient Safety

While medical providers undergo many years of schooling and training, they are human like everyone else. That means they can make mistakes, some of which can have devastating consequences. Some medical record mistakes are more common than others, such as:
  • Copying and pasting inaccurate notes from a previous patient record into a new one to reduce time spent on data entry
  • Linking a medical record to the wrong patient
  • Providing a patient with the wrong medication or wrong dose
  • Overlooking potential drug interactions
  • Poor implementation of an electronic health records system

How Medical Record Errors Can Be Prevented

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical organizations must implement good practices to prevent errors and ensure they’re compliant with the Cures Act. However, the Cures Act can also vastly improve patient safety by ensuring easy access to essential health information.  No one knows their health like the patient themself so giving them access to review their records is the best way to minimize medical errors.  

DrOwl improves patient healthcare by providing your information in easy-to-understand language free of medical jargon. This allows you to address any concerns you have about your medical record as soon as possible. It also ensures you can play a proactive role in your health and wellness, which is essential to good medical care.

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