Screening Protocols for Schools

School screening protocols and training support.

In this case, the advanced technology of DrOwl may help to put parents’ minds at ease because it has tools that can help to keep the schools safer, including:
  • A free electronic screening and monitoring solution that electronically screens and tracks everyone who enters the school, creating an electronic tracking of all employees and visitors’ activity in real-time to help keep everyone as safe as possible.Each school can customize the questions they ask. They can also get an electronic log of each person and how they answered the questions so that if they could put others at risk, they are given a message customized by the facility.
  • 24/7 live assistance via the DrOwl telemedicine app which has many useful applications for individuals, health authorities, and schools. It provides essential access to important information, including how to handle an infectious disease outbreak.

How Can DrOwl Help Schools?

School staff need training and support to keep kids safe, and accessing the proper support is now more challenging than ever. Fortunately, the innovative DrOwl app can be used in several ways to assist schools in managing and controlling anxiety surrounding COVID-19:
  • Staff TrainingEven the most skilled school staff will be unprepared should a coronavirus outbreak occur. Proper training is crucial in this case, and with the DrOwl app, an entire school staff can be trained on the proper procedures on mitigating the risk of infection, preventing the spread of illness, and managing students. Training is provided by knowledgeable doctors and nurses on an ongoing basis, which ensures staff is kept updated on the latest developments and practices.
  • Tracking Training & Progress – While effective training is important, tracking training sessions and staff who undergo them is equally so. DrOwl helps staff keep track of training sessions effectively and efficiently so everyone is on the same page. If there are staff changes or supervisory personnel are unsure if an update has been provided to all, they can easily check the past training record for clarification.
  • Answering Questions – Even with the right training, it’s likely that school staff will have questions from time to time. Perhaps they’ve encountered a new situation that wasn’t included in their training thus far or are having trouble recalling the proper procedure due to the stress of the situation. In this case, staff can easily contact a member of the DrOwl team 24/7 to get answers to their specific questions when they need them.

DrOwl Helps Your Staff Respond Effectively to COVID-19

With the DrOwl app, schools all over the country can rest assured they have access to the right tools and information to keep students safe and secure. If you’d like to learn more about DrOwl, please contact us for more information.