COVID-19 Training Protect Yourself & Others

Monitoring & Screening, a better way to protect the elderly

Why Training Is Crucial

It’s safe to say that most Americans have never encountered the challenges posed by the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, many people lack the necessary knowledge and information to protect themselves – and others – against these risks. Even staff in skilled nursing facilities and schools may be unsure how to handle a suspected outbreak in an effective manner. Training on these practices is vital to stop coronavirus from spreading. Consider what might occur if a visitor brings the virus into an assisted living facility. The virus could quickly spread from resident to resident if the proper steps aren’t taken. Soon, one infection could become many, which is a serious issue for those who are elderly or who have multiple health conditions.

How DrOwl Provides Essential Training to Staff

DrOwl offers a network of skilled doctors and nurses, many of whom possess knowledge of infectious disease mitigation. These individuals will train staff of nursing homes and schools remotely through our state of the art telemedicine solution, which is a must when resources are limited. Most healthcare clinics and hospitals are overburdened dealing with ill patients, which makes it unlikely that they would have time to train others on risk mitigation. DrOwl not only trains staff, it also tracks training sessions. If you’re the administrator of a nursing home and unsure which members of your staff have received which training courses, you can easily search the electronic logs for verification. Staff can also access professional guidance 24/7 in case they’re faced with a novel situation. This support is crucial to keep staff, residents, and all others safeguarded against the coronavirus. Once the training course has been completed, staff members will be provided a certificate. This certificate can be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as local health authorities, establishing that staff members are up to date on the latest disease safety protocols.

We Help You Protect Yourself & Others

The network of medical providers affiliated with DrOwl includes infectious disease specialists, general practitioners, internists, hospitalists, counselors, nurses, and many others. By having access to these individuals, staff within schools and skilled nursing facilities can rest assured they have the proper information to mitigate risk and provide quality care.

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