Protocols for Nursing Homes

Ongoing Support During Self-Quarantine

Free Screening & Tracking

Most assisted living facilities have visitors, staff, and vendors entering and exiting on a regular basis. In the midst of a public health crisis, it’s very easy for an ill person to enter a facility and spread coronavirus to others. It’s also possible for a visitor to acquire the illness from a resident, before staff is aware of the infection. With DrOwl, nursing homes can effectively screen and track every visitor via electronic surveying. The screening process is overseen by a trained nurse to ensure consistency. If an infection does occur, state health officials, as well as local health authorities, can access pertinent data to notify others and located the infected party.  

Support for Staff

Not all staff in skilled nursing facilities have training in infectious disease management. In this case, DrOwl offers comprehensive remote training services to all staff on an ongoing basis. Training sessions can also be tracked so facilities will know which staff members have been trained and on what subjects. In the event staff faces a situation they’re unfamiliar with, they can even access 24/7 assistance from DrOwl’s highly trained and knowledgeable doctors and nurses.  

Compliance & Safety Measures

Nursing facilities are also obligated to comply with certain safety and compliance procedures, both to safeguard residents as well as the general public. With DrOwl, each visitor to a facility will receive his or her own electronic log. This log is searchable by nursing home administrators as well as governmental officials, who will have access to an array of nursing home data. In the event of an infection, both visitors to the nursing facility as well as residents will be notified immediately thanks to the bank of data. Healthcare officials will also have access to complete training logs for all staff.

Procedures for Dealing With Patient Infection

In the event a patient is afflicted by COVID-19 within a skilled nursing facility, DrOwl uses a three-step approach to limit exposure and transmission:
  • Early Detection Measures – Identifying a coronavirus infection as early as possible is crucial to prevent spread and ensure the person receives timely medical care. DrOwl uses temperature monitoring and pulse oximetry, which measures blood oxygen level, to reliably indicate whether an infection is likely.
  • Remote Physiological Monitoring – This app also monitors health status in non-infected patients and symptoms in those who are infected. Remote monitoring prevents healthcare staff from interacting with ill patients, which could facilitate the spread of COVID-19 to others.
  • Three-Way Telemedicine Visits – Up to the minute medical care is a must for those who are infected, which is why DrOwl offers three-way teleconferencing with patients, their loved ones, and physicians.

We Support Your Residents & Your Staff

If you’re interested in learning more about DrOwl, feel free to contact us today. We’re happy to discuss the app and how it works so you can make the best decision for your residents and staff.