Telemedicine Application for Coronavirus

Our app can support staff members by providing essential information on patient care.

How Can Telemedicine Be Used to Mitigate COVID-19?

A self-quarantine of 14 days is urged for people recently exposed to COVID-19, either by being around an infected person or traveling to an area with high rates of infection, who are also showing symptoms. In this case, the DrOwl app offers the following telemedicine applications:
Physician Conferencing – For those infected with COVID-19, accessing healthcare when needed is a must to prevent the more serious complications from occurring. However, accessing medical care while quarantined is challenging, especially when you consider that many hospitals and health clinics are dealing with an influx of patients. Video conferencing with a trusted physician ensures you receive the proper medical care and guidance, without leaving home. Health Monitoring – Along with scheduling video conferences with a variety of doctors as you see fit, you can also be subject to regular monitoring sessions with a trained nurse. Your pulse, temperature, and oxygen level can all be remotely checked, so any changes in your condition can be assessed and immediate care can be sought, if necessary. Remote Training – The DrOwl app is also useful for training non-medical staff, including caregivers and workers in assisted living facilities. These people most likely lack knowledge of how to handle infectious diseases, which can expose themselves and others to illness unnecessarily. DrOwl offers remote training from qualified medical professionals, as well as access to a 24/7 helpline that can answer caregiver questions immediately.

How Else Can DrOwl Help?

There may come a time when a patient, whether that’s a person in self-quarantine or a resident of a nursing home, wishes to have a family member involved in their medical care. DrOwl ensures this is a possibility by offering 3-way video conferencing. Patients can have physicians discuss their progress and treatment with family members, while also holding conferences with the patient and a physician or health department official, who may be able to provide even greater insight.

Your Partner in Medical Care

Healthcare is constantly advancing, and DrOwl is right on the cutting edge of telemedicine applications. Easy access to trained and knowledgeable medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, and counselors, keeps patients informed and reassured.

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