Self-Screening and Monitoring for Workplaces

As COVID-19 infection rates soar throughout the country, business owners find themselves up against the wall. You want to keep your staff and customers safe, but you also can’t afford to close your business for the foreseeable future. If you’re an essential business, you may also feel guilty about depriving customers of important goods or services during a time of need.

COVID-19 Statistics Paint a Worrisome Picture

There are currently 14.4 million cases of coronavirus in the U.S., with 279, 000 deaths attributed to the virus. Worldwide, there are 66 million cases, with a staggering 1.5 million deaths. While it’s estimated 8 out of 10 people will only experience mild symptoms, severe symptoms cause a range of bodily effects that linger for weeks or even months after the infection.

How Screening and Monitoring Can Help

There are no easy solutions to the coronavirus pandemic, but there are ways you can keep yourself and others safe. The DrOwl mobile application offers two essential services to business owners still operating in the midst of the pandemic. They are:
  • Screening – Upon arriving at your business, customers, employees, guests, and others must answer a series of questions. These questions are designed to determine a person’s coronavirus risk by assessing symptoms and establishing exposure. If the questions indicate possible infection, the person will be asked to leave the premises to undergo coronavirus testing.
  • Monitoring – In some cases, a person may have been exposed without even knowing it. If they develop symptoms or receive a positive test after visiting your business, their information can be accessed to determine who else was exposed. You can contact these people, so they can also undergo testing, self-quarantine, and seek out medical help if needed.

Don’t Leave Your Health to Chance

When it comes the pandemic, it seems that there’s still a long road ahead. With our free healthcare screening app, you can establish another layer of protection against COVID-19.

Please contact us today for more information on how DrOwl can help your business.