How Healthcare Screening Apps Keep You Safe

As the pandemic rages on, people are trying to live their lives in the safest way possible. Avoiding large crowds, wearing masks at all times when in public, and practicing social distancing when possible have a significant impact on infection rates.

Self-screening and monitoring are also important to keep coronavirus from spreading. For those businesses deemed essential, closure is not an option. Schools and medical facilities must also remain open, which means they need the proper tools to protect students, patients, and visitors from potentially being exposed.

How Can You Protect Those in Your Care?

Our team at DrOwl believes the most effective method of screening incoming guests and staff is via digital monitoring. Our check-in tool allows people to do just that from virtually any mobile device. Users are prompted to answer a series of questions upon entering the building. Questions touch on symptoms, international travel, and exposure to people known to be infected. Answers are stored in the event the person learns of infection later. At that point, the information stored in the DrOwl app is accessed and those possibly exposed are contacted.

Why Is Digital Screening So Important?

Digital screening is preferred to paper screening for a few essential reasons:
  • It reduces exposure risk. Paper screening usually requires a person to be present during the screening process. This increases exposure for the person conducting the screening, as well as the person being screened.
  • It ensures information is accessible. Digitally stored information is available from any device with an internet connection. With paper records, they must be physically accessed and searched, which is inconvenient when you need info quickly.
  • It reduces human error. Paper records can also be lost or misplaced. With digital storage, you’ll always know where to find the information you’re looking for.
  • It offers peace of mind. People entering your business or facility can rest easy knowing their health and wellness are being prioritized. If a person’s answers indicate they’ve been infected, they’ll be instructed to leave the premises for COVID-19 testing.

DrOwl is here to support you during this trying and uncertain time. The first step is contact us for more information on our symptom screening app and how it works. We’re proud to be your partner in the fight against coronavirus.