Coronavirus Quarantine

DrOwl provides access to a 24/7 helpline. For more information on how this platform works and how you can begin using it contact us.

Refer To DrOwl

DrOwl is a 24/7 technology telemedicine solution. Through DrOwl, you have access to hundreds of doctors and nurses and a myriad of infection disease doctors, psychiatrist, psychologists, internists, etc. If you are not sure if you should self-quarantine, discuss your symptoms with a qualified medical professional.

Ongoing Support During Self-Quarantine

If your doctor has already recommended that you self-quarantine, you can have comfort in the fact that DrOwl is available 24/7 should you have any questions or concerns or desire medical support. If you don’t call us, one of our professionals will reach out to you. Other features of DrOwl include the following:
  • Remote physiological monitoring with alerts and escalation capabilities
  • Nurse check-in for monitoring of temperature, pulse and oxygen levels and to check in with the patient.
  • Three-way video conferencing exposed or diagnosed individuals can use to chat with healthcare providers, loved ones, work colleagues, etc.
  • Geofencing, which allows DrOwl to monitor exposed or infected patients and alert authorities when self-quarantine has been broken.
The prospect of having contracted COVID-19 in some way can be scary, especially because so little is known about the virus. However, with DrOwl on your phone, you can have peace of mind that medical support and guidance is only a few clicks away. DrOwl also reassures you that you’re not alone in this, and that while you self-quarantine, the government will continue to explore cures and work to fight the outbreak. Please contact us for more information on how this platform works and how you can begin using it.

DrOwl Provides Access To A 24/7 Helpline. For More Information On How This Platform Works And How You Can Begin Using It Contact Us.