How a Symptom Screening App Can Help Your Medical Facility

Medical facilities, including hospitals, healthcare clinics, and nursing homes, have been the hardest hit during the coronavirus pandemic. Workers are often overwhelmed caring for patients experiencing serious symptoms, such as problems breathing and organ failure. Staff must also ensure infections don’t spread around the facility, both for their safety and the safety of their patients.

How Can Medical Facilities Be Protected from COVID-19?

There are guidelines in place that all medical facilities must follow to minimize their risk of COVID-19 transmission. All patients, visitors, and staff are encouraged to wear masks when visiting. Proper handwashing and sanitation must be a priority, especially in common areas like waiting rooms and reception desks. Staff and patients should also maintain the recommended social distance whenever possible. Screening and monitoring are also crucial in healthcare settings. Screening entails assessing a person’s exposure risk or symptoms prior to them entering a facility. This applies to healthcare staff, as well as visitors and guests. The information collected during the screening process is then saved so it can be accessed later for monitoring purposes. This would be necessary if a visitor or employee received a positive test result or learned of exposure to coronavirus when they were previously unaware.

How Can I Effectively Screen and Monitor My Healthcare Facility?

A reliable self-screening and monitoring tool is crucial for effectively assessing risk, which is where the DrOwl screening app comes in. Our app can be downloaded to a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Upon entering a medical facility, a person is asked a series of questions to determine their coronavirus risk. The information provided during the screening process is saved so it can be accessed later. This is essential for tracking those who’ve been exposed. Upon downloading this free symptom screening app, you’ll have access to pre-written screening questions relating to symptoms, travel, exposure, etc. You can also develop your own questions to suit your specific facility or clinic. The app is simple and easy to use, which ensures all visitors and staff can effectively self-screen before entering a building.

What Should I Do Next?

If you believe your medical facility deserves a reliable screening and monitoring process, which can be conveniently performed via any mobile device, please contact us today. We’ll explain how you can set up an account to get started.

We’ll also answer any questions you have to ensure our DrOwl app offers the most protection possible to you and your patients.