DrOwl creates a uniform reporting system through which the authorities can track in real-time the visitor activity across thousands of facilities across the nation.

Access to Medical Records

Whether you’re in search of a diagnosis for a recent condition or changing primary care physicians, your medical records are crucial. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for many patients to have an informed and educated perspective on their complete medical history, especially when they’ve visited numerous hospitals and clinics over the course of their lives. With DrOwl, all of your medical records can be stored in one convenient place. That means you can easily access them in a new doctor’s office, when visiting a specialist, or even when researching new treatments and therapies.

Personalized Health Reports

DrOwl even provides comprehensive personalized health reports, along with curated resources suited to your medical needs. Reports are designed to be easy to read and comprehend, which means they are free of medical jargon and terminology. Even better, Medicare/Medicaid patients will receive their reports for no cost.

Access Your Complete Health History With DrOwl

The DrOwl app allows you to gain a greater understanding of your unique health history. Contact us if you have questions.