Protocols for Government Agencies

Protect Yourself & Others COVID-19 Training

The DrOwl COVID-19 Action Plan

DrOwl takes a three-step approach to COVID-19. First is risk mitigation, which prevents the spread of coronavirus to others. Second, the DrOwl app helps with containment of COVID-19 by providing resources to people in self-quarantine and other situations where it may be impossible to seek medical treatment. Finally, the app also provides the ability to track and monitor patients who’ve been afflicted with the virus, as well as those working in or visiting nursing homes or other facilities.

How We Support State & Federal Government Agencies

The DrOwl app offers access to hundreds of doctors and nurses from many different fields of medicine and disciplines. This network can lend support to government and health authorities in the following three situations:
  • Self-Quarantine – Self-quarantine is crucial to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but not everyone is willing to abide by the recommendations of the CDC and local government authorities. The DrOwl app can actually notify these authorities of a broken quarantine via geofencing. Geofencing creates a virtual perimeter around a quarantined individual which signals a breach if a mobile device leaves the area. In this case, an alert will be sent so the proper measures can be taken.
  • Assisted Living Facilities – Residents in assisted living facilities are the most vulnerable to coronavirus. DrOwl allows facilities to track and document each and every visitor to a nursing home, including vendors. These visitors are documented via electronic logs, which can be searched by health authorities if an infection occurs. Electronic logs also help facilities with mandatory compliance and reporting.
  • Schools – Staff at many schools around the country lack the proper training and information on how to control infectious diseases. DrOwl can facilitate this training remotely, which ensures schools take the proper precautions to prevent the virus from spreading. The app also tracks training sessions, so school administrators and instructors are all on the same page.

Trusted Support & Quality Medical Care

DrOwl ensures that government agencies control the spread of COVID-19, while patients receive the necessary care when afflicted. If you’d like more information on our app and how it works, feel free to contact us today.