Easily sync and access medical records

With DrOwl, patients can enjoy easy access to a platform containing their complete health history.

Why Is Easy Access to Medical Records So Important?

A patient-centered approach is becoming more common with physicians and other medical professionals. In order for patients to play a proactive role in their own health, they must have access to their medical records. This is often easier said than done when a person has a comprehensive health history. Records may be spread out over many hospitals and clinics, and communication between these facilities is not always timely. Having easy access to health records can also prevent mistakes and errors when providing medical care. While the responsibility is ultimately on the medical staff, patients who are more knowledgeable about their health and treatments have a greater chance of catching errors should they happen. For example, when a patient can easily check prescription records, they can verify whether the medication they’ve just received is correct.

How DrOwl Can Help

The DrOwl app provides a safe, convenient platform to store your complete medical record. Your history can be easily accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, including pharmacies, doctor’s offices, or even your own home. You’ll also receive your comprehensive medical report in language you can understand, free of confusing jargon or terminology. DrOwl also allows patients to speak with medical providers directly. You can message providers in the app or arrange a telehealth session, which allows you to conference with a physician about your specific health issues. That way you can receive personalized health advice based on your specific needs.

DrOwl puts the power to make the right healthcare decisions into the patient’s hands. Contact us today to learn more about the app and how it works.