Updating Your Prescriptions In Your Medical Records Could Save Your Life

Most people take a wide range of prescription medications over the course of their lives. These medications get added to and removed from your medical record over time as health conditions are treated. However, past medications can remain on a record for years, despite being discontinued.

Healthcare records also include other essential information on conditions you have, treatments you’ve received, and other data. To ensure your information is accurate, your medical record must be updated with new medications as needed. It must also be adjusted when you cease taking a certain medication. Failure to do so can lead to major issues in the event of emergency medical care or in cases where there are interactions between different drugs.

Why Is Accuracy Crucial When Providing Emergency Care?

In the event you’re badly injured and require emergency medical care, the medical provider will ask you questions about your health history and background. If you’re unable to answer their questions, they’ll consult your healthcare record. Emergency situations often require doctors and other staff to make split-second decisions, and the information contained in your record will guide these decisions in many cases.

If your medical record is not fully accurate, doctors will be unable to provide the essential care you need. This can greatly affect the outcome of treatment, especially when dealing with life-threatening injuries or illnesses. For example, if a medication you’re currently taking can cause an adverse reaction when taken with another medication, your medical team must be aware.  Alternatively, if a medicine was taken previously, but not currently, the provider may pause to make a certain treatment plan.

How Can You Ensure Accurate Medical Records?

There are lots of ways patients can make sure their healthcare information is up to date, including:

  • Visiting a doctor at least once per year for exams and checkups
  • Keeping medical information in one place for easy access
  • Reviewing their medical record between doctor’s visits

In order to effectively review your healthcare record regularly, you must have convenient access to it. That’s precisely where DrOwl comes in, as this free app allows you to store, access, and update your record as needed. Easy access to your medication history allows you to be proactive about your health and wellness, while also helping to prevent serious complications.