Tips for Aging in Place

As you grow older, you naturally want to remain in the home you love so much and worked so hard for. That’s why so many seniors cite aging in place as an important goal in their lives, as a familiar setting offers a lot more comfort than an assisted living or long-term care facility.

Senior health needs can vary quite a bit, with some people requiring a higher level of care than others. Accordingly, proper planning is key to helping you age in place safely and comfortably.

How to Create a Reliable Plan for Aging in Place

As you develop your plan, you should consider the following factors:

  • Home Accessibility – First and foremost, consider how accessible your home is currently when it comes to your current health status. Next, consider what you might need in the future to remain in your own home. For instance, mobility issues may require a bathroom located on the first floor of your home if one is not already available.
  • In-Home Modifications – If you find that the current set-up does not meet your needs, it’s time to consider modifications. Non-slip flooring improves traction and prevents falls. Many seniors also require grab bars in the bathroom to ensure proper support using the facilities. A walk-in tub is another good option, as it allows you to handle bathing on your own.
  • In-Home Assistance – Some seniors require assistance with household chores and tasks, which is precisely where a home health aide can lend a hand. Some aides simply assist with light cleaning, meal preparation, and personal care. While others can administer medication and other treatments when a person has advanced medical needs.
  • Healthcare Needs – Advancing technology can also support seniors who wish to age in place. Medical alert systems ensure you can receive help in the event of a fall injury or other type of medical emergency. There are also mobile applications that provide medical records storage and medication reminders, as well as facilitate remote telemedicine visits with doctors and other healthcare staff.

When it comes to aging in place, the free DrOwl app is a must to help ensure the easy access and sharing of health information. This app also enables you to upload important medical documents and easily share them with caregivers, family members, and medical professionals to help ensure the best possible care.