You Don’t Need a Power of Attorney, Until You Do

Most seniors know that having a power of attorney designating an advocate responsible for helping make important decisions is crucial. Many have followed through and created such a document as well as an advanced directive in cases where the most difficult of decisions have to be made.

Sometimes these documents are created in conjunction with a will and they help families prepare for the time when their parents are no longer able to take care of themselves.

Unfortunately, these vital documents are often stored away in a secure place like a safe deposit box or safe. It is definitely important to keep these documents secure, however, in the case of a medical emergency, having access to the power of attorney can make the difference between life and death.

Having to search for a power of attorney when seconds can count means that decisions may have to be made without the input of a person’s advocate. It is vital for seniors to carry this document with them in an accessible format so emergency personnel can find the information and contact the appropriate person.

Current advances in technology have created a means for seniors to scan in their power of attorney and have it easily accessible along with their medical records and emergency contacts.

One free app for seniors is DrOwl where they can upload their documents, import their medical histories and learn more about their health. Finally, they can also include their healthcare advocates to help make better decisions and receive better care.