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Your VA and Medicare health records belong to you. Access the FREE DrOwl app to find out what your healthcare records say about you!

DrOwl is a secure platform used by patients that empowers them to access, understand, and share their health records to help better understand their health and receive better care. One health record, infinite uses.


Getting Started Is As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3


Step #1: Create An Online Account For The Provider Whose Medical Records You’d Like To Add to DrOwl

You will need your provider’s online account username and password to add your healthcare records to DrOwl. Please follow the instructions below if you do not already have an online account with them.

Make sure to write down your username and password.

Step #2: Download The Free DrOwl App And Sign Up For An Account

If you are on your mobile device, download the DrOwl app by clicking on either the iOS or Google Play store link below.


Once you’ve downloaded the free DrOwl app, sign up for an account.

Learn more about DrOwl.


Step #3: Add Your VA or Medicare Records To DrOwl

The final step is simple. Follow the steps below to add your records to DrOwl:

If you would like to add both your VA and Medicare records, simply repeat the steps above, and your medical history from both of them will be combined into one easy-to-understand resource.

It’s that easy! Now you will be able to access and share your medical information as needed.

When you’re done adding your records to DrOwl, it will access the information that they have regarding your health.
Since it’s pulling in the information directly from your provider, there may be a lot or a little bit of information depending on what they have in your records. Please note that there is always more being added, so you can always go back to the DrOwl app to see what’s new. When your medical records are updated by the VA or Medicare, they are automatically updated in the DrOwl app.