Veterans’ Health Administration

The Veterans’ Health Administration provides essential healthcare services to veterans, from annual checkups to complex surgical procedures. The VA also maintains medical records that contain important information about a person’s overall health and wellness, including information on medical conditions and prescription drugs.

You’re entitled to access your personal medical records from the VA, but doing so can pose some challenges. That’s why veterans are encouraged download DrOwl, as our medical storage app ensures convenient access to your entire healthcare history, without the complications that often accompany other methods.

Options for Accessing Medical Records from the Veterans’ Health Administration

Veterans have a few options when it comes to accessing their personal healthcare information:

  • Create an account online to access records electronically
  • Complete a form and visit your local VA office or center
  • Request a copy of your healthcare information via mail or fax

While these steps appear to be relatively straightforward, issues can and often do arise. For instance, you must have an existing account with the VA to access information. If you don’t, you’ll need to create one. In-person visits can be challenging, especially if you have limited mobility. And while mailing and faxing records is an option, it may take more time than you’re comfortable with.

DrOwl Offers a Better Way

With the DrOwl app, your easy-to-understand medical record will be accessible from your mobile device. This includes information generated during visits to VA hospitals, as well as data from other healthcare providers.

You can rest easy knowing that your medical information is fully secured, as DrOwl is HIPAA-compliant. You’ll also have access to a convenient summary of your medical data, as well as a search feature that allows you to pinpoint specific information. Along with information on medical conditions and medications, you can also access test results, as well as upload medical power of attorney documents for greater convenience.

With DrOwl, you can look forward to the following benefits:

  • Efficient identification of possible errors
  • Greater understanding of your health
  • The ability to set up medication reminders
  • Access to discounts on prescriptions

DrOwl also makes it easy to share your medical information with others, such as family members and caregivers.

How to Get Started

If you’d like to experience greater convenience when accessing medical information from the VA, sign up for a DrOwl account today. You can also visit the website to learn how this app benefits patients like you.