UnitedHealth Group

Many people receive health insurance coverage through UnitedHealth Group, which ensures access to general medical care, as well as specialized treatments and procedures. In the event you have a question about your health, or you simply want to review your medical information for accuracy, you have a right to request your personal records from UnitedHealth Group.

Despite your rights as a patient, accessing your health records can be quite challenging in many instances. Fortunately, it’s possible to access a digital version of your medical record with DrOwl. Our medical records storage app streamlines the process for accessing healthcare information and reduces the wait associated with traditional information requests.

How to Get Your Medical Records from UnitedHealth Group

In order to access your personal medical information from UnitedHealth Group, you must complete an authorization form. Once the form is completed, it must be sent to a PO box, at which point your request will be processed and your information will be transferred to you.

As for how long this process takes, it’s hard to say. Providers have from 30 to 60 days after receiving your request to transfer information, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll receive your personal records before 30 days is up. If you need the information immediately, you unfortunately won’t have a lot of options at your disposal.

Why DrOwl Is the Preferred Choice for Medical Records Storage

With the DrOwl app, there is no wait for medical records. New records from hospitals and clinics will be added directly to your digital storage, where they can be accessed by you immediately. All you need is a compatible mobile device and internet connection and you’re all set.

Additionally, our app can hold data from all sorts of medical providers. You can easily access this information to review it for accuracy, learn more about drug side effects, and get details on previous treatments and procedures. The DrOwl app also presents information, such as test results, in clear, easy-to-understand language. You can even upload do-not-resuscitate orders or documents related to medical powers of attorney.

If you choose to share information with any other users you authorize, you can easily do so. And because DrOwl is fully HIPAA-compliant, you don’t need to worry about security concerns.

Take Greater Control Over Your Health and Wellness

Why leave access to your personal health information to chance when you have DrOwl? Sign up today to get started or visit the website to read some helpful FAQs.