Tufts Health

For individuals relying on Tufts Health for accessing essential healthcare services, having convenient access to their medical information holds immense importance. Your medical records contain crucial details about health conditions, prescribed medications, surgeries, and other pertinent health data.

While Tufts Health ensures patients can access their personal healthcare information effectively, the process might pose challenges. This is where DrOwl comes into play, offering a secure and user-friendly mobile application that simplifies accessing medical records.

How Can Patients Access Data from Tufts Health?

To obtain a paper copy of healthcare records from Tufts Health, individuals might need to complete specific forms and possibly remit a fee. Electronic records, however, can often be directly transferred to your email for review.

However, healthcare providers who treat you and bill Tufts Health might take up to 30 days to transmit electronic records. In situations necessitating faster access, patients might encounter delays with limited options.

How Can DrOwl Help?

DrOwl is instrumental in helping patients bypass waiting periods for accessing their personal healthcare records. Instead of relying on providers to send information via mail or electronically, our app provides swift and convenient access directly from your mobile device. Medical data is presented in an easily understandable format, ensuring comprehensive comprehension.

As a HIPAA-compliant app, DrOwl ensures the security of your information. You can also authorize family members or other users to access your data. With DrOwl, users gain access to various critical information:

  • Health conditions
  • Medications
  • Informational resources
  • Allergy listings
  • Blood test results

Additionally, our app offers a Patient Snapshot, succinctly summarizing your complete medical record. You can also benefit from our efficient search feature and medication reminders, ensuring adherence to essential prescription schedules.

Download DrOwl to Get Started

Regularly reviewing your medical information empowers you to promptly identify and rectify any errors. It also enables informed decision-making about your health with the support of your medical providers. Sign up for the DrOwl app today to experience the convenience of storing medical records. Before starting, feel free to review our helpful FAQs.