A Guide to Accessing Medical Records from Doctor’s Offices and Clinics

After every visit to your doctor, new health information is generated and added to your medical history. Accessing this information is crucial to fully understanding your health, but the process is often easier said than done. That’s why patients are encouraged to explore other methods of accessing their personal health records, which is what DrOwl provides.

Our HIPAA-compliant medical platform allows users to review their complete healthcare history right from their mobile devices. This process is a far cry from the methods used at most doctor’s offices and clinics, which can be both time-consuming and inconvenient in many instances.

How to Access Medical Information from Your Physician

The first step to getting your medical records from a specific doctor is to contact their office directly. From there, you can request a copy of your medical records for your own storage and review. In the event the clinic uses an electronic portal, you may be directed to create a user name and password to access information if you don’t already have one.

If the hospital or clinic keeps paper records on-site, they will most likely send a copy to you. While all patients are entitled to their medical records, offices can take weeks before they transmit them to the requesting party. You may also be charged a fee, though fees are usually quite affordable. In both cases, there are obstacles that aren’t present when using a telehealth app like DrOwl.

What to Expect When Using Our Medical Records Platform

DrOwl makes the process of storing and reviewing your medical records easier than ever. After signing up, you can look forward to:

  • Your comprehensive health history from a variety of doctors and medical providers
  • A helpful Patient Snapshot featuring a summary of medical information
  • Information on allergies, prescriptions, and other relevant data
  • The ability to add information from new medical providers as it’s generated
  • Secure storage of medical information, which will only be shared with the people you authorize

If you’d like to take greater control of your healthcare, the first step is to sign up on our website. You can also access helpful FAQs to make account creation as streamlined as possible.