Kaiser Permanente

As a health maintenance organization, Kaiser Permanente provides health plans and medical services to more than 8 million people throughout the U.S. This HMO is also responsible for maintaining patient health data, as well as providing medical records to individuals when requested.

Access to personal healthcare information is a right of all Americans, but the process isn’t without its obstacles. As a result, people should pursue a more convenient alternative when it comes to accessing health data, which is what the DrOwl app provides.

Our innovative mobile application takes information generated by Kaiser Permanente and other providers and keeps it in one convenient and accessible place. That means you can access health information as you see fit, without the complications that often accompany other forms of access.

Receiving Medical Information Can Take Time

Kaiser Permanente does have processes in place for patients to request their personal health records. To do so, you must fill out a special form or draft a letter with the details of your request. Once this step is completed, you must send the form or letter to the appropriate office.

Keep in mind that medical records can take between 15 and 21 days to be transferred to you, even though you’ll receive a digital copy of the information. That timeline can be quite inconvenient if you have a pressing medical issue or want to make a timely decision about your healthcare.

Enjoy Instantaneous Access to Your Medical Records

The DrOwl mobile app provides access to your healthcare information immediately. With a compatible mobile device and internet connection, you can access and review your complete medical record, which will be presented in clear and concise language. Information includes:

  • Medical conditions
  • Prescription medications
  • Allergies
  • Test results
  • Surgical procedures
  • Medical treatments

In addition, our app offers many convenient features. In the event you’re seeking a specific piece of information within your medical history, you can use our search tool to find it. We also summarize your complete health record with a Patient Snapshot, which gives a brief overview of your health. DrOwl even enables users to upload essential medical power of attorney documents for enhanced peace of mind.

Why Wait? Get Started Today

Instead of waiting weeks for your personal health information, DrOwl provides it to you in mere seconds. Additionally, our app compiles information from all sorts of providers in one convenient place. Learn more about our app and how it works by visiting the website or sign up today to create your account.