GuideWell (Florida Blue)

Many individuals rely on health insurance coverage provided by GuideWell (Florida Blue), ensuring access to general medical care, specialized treatments, and procedures. If you ever have inquiries about your health or simply want to review your medical information, you have the right to request your personal records from GuideWell.

Challenges in Accessing Health Records

Despite patient rights, accessing health records can be challenging. DrOwl, a medical records storage app, offers a solution by providing a digital version of your medical record. This app streamlines the process, reducing the wait associated with traditional information requests.

How to Obtain Your Medical Records from GuideWell

To access your personal medical information, complete an authorization form and send it to a designated PO box. The processing time varies (30 to 60 days), with no guaranteed immediate access. DrOwl presents an alternative, eliminating wait times for medical records.

Why DrOwl Is Your Preferred Choice for Medical Records Storage

  • No wait for medical records with the DrOwl
  • New records are added directly to your digital storage, accessible immediately.
  • Requires only a compatible mobile device and internet connection.
  • Holds data from various medical providers for comprehensive access.
  • Easily review information for accuracy, learn about drug side effects, and access details on past treatments and procedures.
  • Presents information, including test results, in clear, easy-to-understand language.
  • Securely upload do-not-resuscitate orders or documents related to medical powers of attorney.
  • Share information with authorized users, all within the framework of full HIPAA compliance.
  • Empower Your Health and Wellness Journey

Why leave access to your personal health information to chance? DrOwl offers a seamless solution. Sign up today to take control of your health information or visit the website for helpful FAQs. Securely manage and access your health records anytime, anywhere.