Online Portal

These days, many doctor’s offices, hospitals, and clinics utilize electronic records storage. Medical records are usuall

y accessed via an online portal, such as MyChart. To request records, patients must first sign into the program’s Document Center. From there, the patient can review their activity to find the records they’re seeking. Once the desired records have been identified, the patient must complete and submit a form, which will be reviewed by MyChart personnel before the records are transferred.

While more convenient than paper records, lots of patients face difficulty in accessing their medical information via online portals. Here at DrOwl, we know that reviewing personal healthcare information is more challenging than it needs to be in many cases. We also know that patients benefit from easy access to personal medical information, which is why we’ve designed a streamlined, user-friendly telemedicine app.

Online Portals Are Often Complicated

Electronic medical records storage is superior to maintaining hard copies, but it’s not without its drawbacks. For instance, navigating an online portal can be challenging for many people, particularly older adults who have less experience with new technology. Different medical providers may also use different versions of online portals, which means patients must develop different user names and passwords to access all their information.

DrOwl Offers a More Convenient Experience

DrOwl allows patients to access a better alternative to MyChart and other online portals. For instance, our app can hold medical information from more than 500 providers, including private practices, VA hospitals, and more. That means your entire healthcare history can be kept in one place.

We also recognize that healthcare records are often complex due to technical terms and medical jargon. That’s why we ensure that information is provided in plain language, which means it can be fully understood by a person without medical training. We also offer a Patient Snapshot, which provides a summary of your health history.

To ensure that people from all backgrounds can get the most out of DrOwl, we’ve designed the healthcare platform to be as user-friendly as possible. Additionally, you can choose to share your records with doctors, caregivers, and family members as you see fit. And because you can access your health record from a mobile device, you can review your medical history from anywhere.

Download DrOwl Today to Get Started

Download our innovative telehealth platform today to enjoy easy access to your medical information. You can also visit the website for more information before getting started. When you have easy access to your complete healthcare history, you can play a more proactive role in your wellness.