Elevance Health (Anthem)

Elevance Health (Anthem) acknowledges the critical importance of easily accessing medical information for individuals relying on Elevance Health for essential healthcare services. This information includes crucial details about health conditions, prescribed medications, surgeries, and other pertinent data.

While the Affordable Care Act guarantees patient access to personal healthcare information, navigating this process can be challenging. This is where DrOwl steps in, offering a secure and user-friendly mobile application that simplifies access to medical records.

How To Get Your Medical Records From Elevance Health (Anthem)

Accessing Data from Elevance Health typically involves requesting a paper copy of records, completing forms, and paying fees. Alternatively, electronic records can be directly transferred to your email inbox. However, healthcare providers billing Elevance Health may take up to 30 days to send electronic records, causing delays for those seeking quicker assistance.

DrOwl addresses this issue by providing patients with rapid access to their healthcare records via a mobile device, bypassing the waiting period for information from providers. Medical data is presented in an easily understandable format, ensuring comprehensive comprehension. As a HIPAA-compliant app, DrOwl prioritizes the security of users’ information and permits authorized data sharing with family members.

Take Control Of Your Health

Within the DrOwl app, users can access information regarding health conditions, medications, educational resources, allergies, and blood test results. The Patient Snapshot feature offers a concise summary of the complete medical record, and the app includes efficient search capabilities and medication reminders to facilitate adherence to prescription schedules.

Regularly reviewing medical information allows for the prompt identification and correction of errors while empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their health alongside healthcare providers. Signing up for the DrOwl app offers convenient medical records storage and facilitates proactive health management.

To take advantage of this service, interested individuals can download the DrOwl app and explore its features. Additionally, the app offers helpful FAQs for users to review before getting started.