Medicaid and Medicare Information

What if you could easily and securely access your medical records right from the comfort of your own mobile device? This is precisely what DrOwl offers to Medicare and Medicaid patients. The DrOwl app creates a user-friendly patient portal where all your essential medical records are stored. This includes information on your medical conditions, allergies, and prescriptions.

With the DrOwl app, you have greater control over your health and well-being. This brief video explains some of the useful features offered by this app.


You can also share information contained within your patient portal with others, including specialists, caregivers, and family members. Easy access of medical records improves the care you receive and ensures any questions about your health can be answered quickly and easily. They also keep loved ones in the loop so they can better support your health needs.

Telemedicine visits are another great feature of the DrOwl app. You can chat in the app with a medical provider about any changes to your health. And if you’d like a more in-depth exam, video calls are also available.

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