What Kind of Information Is Found in My Medical Records?

Visits to doctors, specialists, and other healthcare professionals generate reports, which get added to your medical records. These records contain lots of important information, information that helps medical professionals make decisions about new diagnoses and treatment.

Your medical records are also beneficial to you, as they provide a greater understanding of your health. Here are a few key bits of information you can expect to find in your healthcare record.

Statistics and Vital Signs

Patient statistics include things like height and weight, while vital signs include pulse rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and body temperature. This information establishes a baseline for patients, which is important for determining health in the future. For instance, a variation in a patient’s blood pressure could indicate an emerging medical issue.

Medical Tests and Laboratory Results

Along with exams, medical tests and lab results can provide essential information on a patient’s health. They can also help determine whether a person is experiencing a medical condition. For instance, doctors might order blood tests when a patient complains about certain symptoms. These tests provide greater insight and help medical practitioners home in on what’s ailing the patient.

Current and Past Diagnoses

Along with any current conditions a person experiences, medical records also include previous diagnoses. Even if a patient has received treatment and recovered from a medical condition, knowledge of past diagnoses is still beneficial when administering future care. It can also help doctors make sense of new symptoms, which could be caused by a recurrence of a previous ailment.

Doctor’s Notes

In some cases, doctors will also include notes within a patient record. These notes may relate to a medical condition, medication, or surgical procedure. Notes are usually provided to add detail to the patient’s medical record, which can help other practitioners offer care.

Access Medical Information Efficiently and Conveniently

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