How Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule Actually Work?

While most people are aware of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), not as many fully understand how it works. Having a good understanding of HIPAA and the protections it offers is key for patients, as this understanding can empower you to take action in the event your medical information is breached.

How Does HIPAA Affect Patients?

HIPAA is effective all over the country and applies to all medical practitioners and their patients, as well as other entities in the healthcare system. It stipulates certain rules related to the privacy of medical records, how these records can be used, and who can access them.

HIPAA also includes rules related to how and when patients can access their own information. According to the language within the act, patients have a right to access and review their medical records as they see fit. They’re also free to request a copy of their information to retain for their own records.

Why Is Access to Medical Information So Crucial?

All patients should be empowered to access their own medical records, as doing so can have a major impact on one’s health and wellness. Medical records contain information on medical conditions, prescription medications, allergies, and other important health matters. As a result, accessing this information ensures that patients can make good decisions regarding their care.

Additionally, medical records often contain errors, which can have a disastrous effect on a person’s wellness. By regularly reviewing medical information, patients are more likely to catch errors and oversights and have them fixed before a serious issue occurs.

How Can You Easily Access Your Health Information?

Many doctors’ offices and healthcare clinics have moved towards electronic records storage in recent years. Electronic storage is more efficient and ensures that different offices can share records, provided that a patient has given their consent. Also, medical records storage makes it easier for patients to access and retain their own records.

Access is especially easy with telehealth apps like DrOwl. Our app allows you to store medical records on a mobile device, where you can access them as needed. DrOwl also makes sharing information with others as efficient as possible, whether that’s a new doctor, specialist, or family caregiver. And because our app is fully compliant with HIPPA laws, you never need to worry about unauthorized access.

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