Free Screening for Coronavirus

Coronavirus has impacted people around the globe and will continue to do so for some time. As communities attempt to restore some semblance of normalcy, they’re also tasked with keeping transmission rates low. This entails an effective screening and tracking process, one that is best performed electronically. In addition to the innovative health features within our telemedicine app, DrOwl also provides a free screening and monitoring process to increase reliability. Our app can be accessed via any smart device and can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

Why Paper Screening Procedures Fall Short

When lacking an effective screening process, many rely on paper screening techniques. This involves asking questions of every person who enters a building to determine their coronavirus risk. Questions might touch on whether the person has experienced symptoms recently, or whether they’ve come into contact with a person who’s tested positive. There are multiple problems with paper screening. Human error might result in a person’s name or phone number being taken down incorrectly. Or the person performing the screening procedures may forget to ask an essential question, which means someone at risk might slip through the cracks and be allowed to enter the building. Then there are the problems with monitoring. Should you be notified of a positive test result, you’ll then need to sort through your paper documents to find out who’s been affected. What if a document is missing or misplaced? In this case, you’ll lose precious time trying to track down information, instead of informing those at risk.

How DrOwl’s Innovative Screening App Can Help

Efficient screening of incoming guests and visitors is a must to lower the transmission rates in your community. With the DrOwl app, you can expect:
  • An easy screening process. Upon entering a home or business, visitors will be asked a series of questions, and answers can be conveniently input into a smartphone.
  • The ability to specialize screening questions. The app comes with general questions, but you can create unique queries based on your specific needs and risks.
  • Convenient information storage. In the event a guest receives a positive coronavirus test and contacts you, you can easily access information about others who’ve been exposed.
When notifying those who’ve been exposed, time is of the essence. The sooner you provide notifications, the quicker the proper quarantine measures can be taken to prevent others from falling ill. And if any of the people exposed experience symptoms, they can get in touch with their medical providers immediately to seek out the necessary treatment.

How to Get Started with DrOwl

We’re proud to provide you the necessary tools to protect yourself and others from coronavirus. Learn more by going to  You can also contact us with any questions about DrOwl’s features.