What To Do If There’s an Error on Your Medical Records

Your personal healthcare record contains important information regarding medical conditions, prescriptions, allergies, and other data. When there’s an error within your records, it can compromise your care going forward. For example, a doctor may prescribe a medication that adversely affects one you’re already taking or may fail to diagnose a new condition accurately.

That’s why you should review your medical records regularly to ensure they are free of errors and misinformation. In the event you find an error, there are certain steps you can take.


Get in Touch with the Medical Provider

The first step is contact the doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital responsible for generating the medical record. Patients’ healthcare records typically come from numerous sources, and each entity will have its own method for dealing with errors.

Follow Instructions Regarding Medical Errors

You may be asked to complete a form regarding the misinformation. In some cases, patients must write a letter stating what occurred. It’s important to follow these instructions exactly to ensure the matter is handled correctly. The person you speak with should also provide information on where to send documents.

Make a Copy of the Form or Letter

After completing forms and letters, be sure to retain a copy to keep in your own records. That way, you have a point of reference regarding the information provided, as well as when you made the request. You can even retain forms and letters electronically for convenience.

Ensure Easy Access to Medical Records

It’s often difficult to access medical records, especially when visiting different doctors and clinics. That’s why electronic storage is preferred, as it allows you convenient access to your entire healthcare record. In this case, downloading the DrOwl app ensures that you can review your medical records any time you see fit.

Along with convenience, this telehealth app also offers security. You’re free to share your medical records with doctors, specialists, and caregivers, but unauthorized individuals will be unable to access medical information.

Take a Proactive Approach to Your Wellness

DrOwl makes it easier than ever to review medical information, which ensures that you can address errors efficiently. Sign up today to get started or visit us online to learn more.