How To Have A Safe – And Fun – Holiday Season Even With COVID-19

The holidays are a time of joy, reflection, and community. Two of these things are still possible during this pandemic. Protecting your health has never been more important or more challenging—especially if you engage in normal holiday celebrations. How can you still experience the thrill (and maybe a little contemplation) while keeping yourself and those you love safe?

First, the CDC recommends that you stay aware of your state, county, or tribal safety laws. Be sure to check the governmental websites for your region.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the holiday spirit 2020-style:

  • CELEBRATE AT HOME: without a doubt, keeping your festivities in-person to just those you live with is the safest possible choice you can make. Why not keep the party intimate? Decorate, get dressy, or just relax by the fire. Note: people returning from college do pose a risk. They are considered by the CDC to be from a different household and should take appropriate caution upon returning home. If you’re concerned or need more information on this, please visit the CDC website at
  • HOST AN ONLINE CELEBRATION: include those in your home and those of others. Make it interactive and fun. Mix it up! It doesn’t have to be pajamas or yoga pants. Pick a dress code. Decorate your space—aim the webcam so that others on your group event can see your holiday décor!
  • SCHEDULE AN ONLINE ESCAPE ROOM OR TRIVIA NIGHT: there are many companies that will arrange all of the details for you and a group of others. (Just make sure to brush up on your trivia first!)
  • OUTDOOR MEET-UP: these are a lot more complicated, but provide a safer option to holding indoor events (which are obviously not safe right now per the CDC). The key to an in-person gathering is to keep it small, limit the number of households invited, and most importantly to make sure everyone wears a mask properly and stays at least six feet apart from each other. Insist that there is no loud speaking, yelling, or singing as an increase in volume increases the risk of spreading COVID. If you plan to serve food, use recyclable paper and plastic wear making sure each person only touches their own. Have everyone eat out of their own containers far away from each other. Limit the number of people and number of households they come from—and no handshakes, hugs, kisses, or other physical contact. Provide an extra mask to anyone who needs it (these should never be pre-worn or reused. Also, they should not be sitting in a pile where multiple people can touch them). Also, make a hand-sanitizer available that has at least 60% alcohol.

Whatever your holiday plans, please keep in mind that your choices can seriously impact the health and safety of yourself and those you love. While this holiday season won’t be the same, you can still find ways to make it fun and festive.  And most importantly, you can spread holiday cheer to virtually everyone!  (Get it?  Virtually!)