COVID-19 Screening App for Schools

During a school year like no other, parents are rightfully concerned about their kids. It’s up to school administrators and personnel to ensure the right steps are taken to  ..

Self-Screening and Monitoring for Workplaces

As COVID-19 infection rates soar throughout the country, business owners find themselves up against the wall. You want to keep your staff and customers safe, but you also can’t  ..

How To Have A Safe – And Fun – Holiday Season Even With COVID-19

The holidays are a time of joy, reflection, and community. Two of these things are still possible during this pandemic. Protecting your health has never been more important or  ..

COVID-19 Employee Screening App

Business owners find themselves in a bind when it comes to coronavirus. While you don’t want to put your staff and their families at risk, you also know that  ..

Symptom Screening App for Coronavirus

Symptoms of COVID-19 run the gamut from minor cough and sore throat to significant difficulty breathing that requires hospitalization. Other symptoms, such as nausea and vomiting, may seem unrelated  ..

Coronavirus Screening and Monitoring App

With rates of COVID-19 on the rise, screening and monitoring is more important than ever. That’s why our team at DrOwl is offering a free healthcare screening app  ..

Screening Toolkit for Coronavirus

How can you safeguard your employees from COVID-19? How can you rest assured your students and staff are protected? How can you keep patients at your medical facility safe  ..

COVID-19 Self-Screening and Monitoring Tool

COVID-19 continues to be a legitimate threat to communities all over the world. Until vaccinations are easily available, the best way to limit the impact of coronavirus is to  ..

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